About the Hall of Fame

The National Pole Bending Association (NPBA) Hall of Fame was established in 2007 and the goal and intent was to honor exhibitors as well as outstanding pole horses in the sport. This also included special people that bred these amazing equine athletes and sires/dams whose offspring have had a strong influence in the field of pole bending. The NPBA Hall of Fame has also honored individuals that help promote or were involved in the sport or industry in special achievement, as well as honoring fellow competitors with a sportsmanship award. The sport of pole bending in of itself is a highly skilled equine timed event. The rider and horse are top athletes both physically and mentally, so it is only proper that the NPBA celebrates and honors them. Thank you for caring and remembering all of them! 


The Hall of Fame was the idea of NPBA directors and co-founders Doug Brown and Tim Parker. Hall of Fame Coordinator Ross Carnahan now  takes on this responsibility, and any questions regarding the Hall of Fame, including nominations should be directed to him.  Each year during the National Championship show, the committee presents and honors new inductees into the Hall of Fame during the banquet. It’s a special social gathering like no other!

NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees


2007     Ross Carnahan

2008     Jerry Barrett

2008     Janis Wagner

2009     Bill Cochran

2010     Bub Kennard

2010     Charlie Peoples

2011     Enlo Trammel

2011     Wayne Sandberg

2012     Jeff Lankford

2012     Tom Goostree

2013     Chuck Givens

2014     Brad Wagner

2015     Brian Foushee

2016     Brannon Riley

2017     Glenn Law

2017     Bernie Wieling

2018     Doug Leasor

2019     Dirk Carnahan


NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees


2007     Mr. Bar Easy

2008     Marshian Moon

2008     Rene Dan Jet

2009     Little Berseem

2010     Teddy Terrific

2011     Bambert

2011     BD Rusty

2012     Our Dirty Venture

2012     Adams Rocket

2013     Smoky 2

2013     Driftwood Mort

2014     The Flying Bug

2014     Obvious Color Doette

2015     Mr. Excitabull

2016     Country Boy Leo

2016     Ponjets Bob Jr.

2017     Glorys Boomer Bar

2017     Flaming Boogie Bug

2018     Top Bar Master

2019     Mr Catahoula

2021     Lightning Startnbars

2021     Foxy


NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees


2007     Betty McIntosh – Blue Lake Farms –                         Indiana

2008     Dale & Karla Baker – Ohio

2009     Chuck & Lauri Givens – Kentucky

2010     David Johnting – Kentucky

2011     Rita & Jerry Mills – Kentucky

2016     Layman Priddy – Illinois NPBA Hall of                     Fame Inductees



NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees


2012     Tommy Masters

2013     Lonnie Willen

2014     Lloyd and Maxine Triplett

2015     Chad Fentress

2016     Terry Branstetter

2017     Judy Brown

2018     Bob Lloyd* (posthumous)

2019     Kristine K. Nagy

2020 Bill Burton

2021 Stan Roberts


NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees

2007     Dinkys Red Man

2008     Fe Fe’s Bug

2008     Miss Flying None (Dam)

2009     Rene Dan Jet

2011     Lightning Sugar Bull

2012     Butler

2013     Redneck Jet

2017     Time of Joey “TJ” (Dam)

2019     Bulzeye Dan


NPBA Hall of Fame Inductees


2007     Don Reveal  (Reveal 4-N-1 Drag/Tool)

2008     Ralph Goldman (Scoreboard/ Electronic Timing)

2011     Stephanie Marcum (posthumous – Champion Pole Bender fought courageously against cancer.)

2015     The McMillan Family

2018     Doug Brown (Pioneer – Founder NPBA)

2021     Ken Smith

2021     Janiece Wilson